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What You Will Discover In This FREE Workshop:

  • How A Simple Workbook Can Increase Retention, Increase Coaching Clients, Increase Product Sales, Increase Affiliate Sales, Increase Passive Income, Increase Speaking Engagements, Get Your Emails Opened and Read, Make You The "Go To" Person, Get You Immediate Expert Status and EVEN MORE
  • How To Create Your Very Own Workbook in as little as one afternoon (it's easy with my help)
  • How To Become The "Go To" Person - have clients reach out to your FIRST for answers and help (just because you have this magic tool)
  • Case Studies Of People Who’ve Used My Methods to create their own workbook profit empires and how you can do it too.
  • Components of a Workbook - I show you all you need to know right here in this free workshop (with one of my strategies you only need as little as one piece of content)
  • And Much More!

"Debbie Drum, I purchased your product today. Because I've been marketing online since 1998, I was a little nervous it might not contain anything "new" for me. Boy was I wrong! You take tactics I already know, and put a NEW twist on them. This training is GENIUS! I am SO very glad I signed up.

- Holly


After 10 years of doing this, better believe I've perfected this skill that I'm about to share with you.


I give you straight-to-the-point, actionable strategies that have worked for me and others like you.


The reviews I've got from hundreds of others who started where you are today is proof that this works.

All the things you’ll discover in this workshop are backed up by real-world results achieved by me and my students. There’s no theory...


This isn't a "get rich quick" program. If you're looking for a button that will do all the work for you and magically generate revenue without any effort on your part, then this workshop isn't for you. We believe in smart work with proven strategies that will add value to people's lives and help them live a life of freedom they deserve. We do not make any bogus promises - your results will completely depend on the amount of commitment and energy you put into what you'll learn.

I've been doing this for over 10 years and there's no MAGIC WAND. However, with the right strategies and focus breakthrough is inevitable.

No result shown in this workshop is typical - it varies from person to person. The results from my past students are as a result of the amount of energy they've put in to put what they learned into practice. The aim of this free workshop is to give you practical tips and skills that will transform your experience so you can live from a place of abundance.

This training is ACTION-BASED and everything you're going to learn will be with you for the long run - you can never unlearn them. This knowledge is yours forever.

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Meet Debbie.

Debbie Drum has been publishing books, digital products and software since 2010. She makes a 6 figure, full-time income from home by creating and marketing awesome content online.

Debbie loves helping entrepreneurs and marketers make more passive income in their business.