10X Your PDFs To Stand Out, Make More of An Impact and Get More $$

(Turn Up Your Speakers)

Update: I forgot to mention in my video that inside of this course, I am using 2 free tools and I show you inside. There is no additional program you have to purchase to start making your PDFs interactive online - YAY!

—Dear Marketer, 

It's one thing to create content but it's another thing for people to consumer your content and actually get benefits out of it. 

I learned this the hard (and expensive) way. 

You see, I paid thousands to hire a coach to help me with my business. She gave me a welcome package and inside were some pdfs. I opened them up and I was shocked to see I was able to interact with the pdfs - meaning I was able to write notes, goals, and answer questions. This helped me immensely. Not only that I will never forget the experience I had with this coach. She changed my life. 

This is when I got a lightbulb moment and realized that old and static pdfs SUCK! They are boring and a dime a dozen. It's much better to have an interactive pdf where people can, well, INTERACT. Fill in their own content. USE YOUR CONTENT! 

This is why I created Printables on Steroids because people won't have to print out your pdfs to use them. They can use them right on their computers and devices. 

Every marketer needs to be doing this. You can use this for pdfs, journals, checklists, workbooks, you name it! 

There is nothing else to buy inside - I show you how to do this with a free tool. 

Here's Just Some Of What You Can Do With Your PDFs To Bring Them To Life

Create Text & Paragraph Boxes So People Can Write Ideas and Notes

Add Checklists So People Can Track Things As They Go...

Add Freehand Drawings, Additional Text and Links

Worksheet Example

10X The Value Of Your Content 

—Do you want to 10x the value of your pdfs and content you create? After paying thousands of dollars, I discovered an easy way you can do this you folks reading your PDFs can actually get MORE out of it and in the process THANK YOU and more importantly, remember you for it.  

Everyone and anyone can make a pdf. And everyone does. And everyone should so they can grow their business. But how can you stand out from the crowd and make your material memorable? Well you don't want to miss this training! The value of this alone is worth over $47!

We will be raising the price of Printables on Steroids very soon after this date. So, if you miss out then you are not going to be happy!

Joshua Cartwright From London says

If you are in the creative industry and need to mark up PDF’s, like sell-sheets, then this is an easy way of giving feedback. You can freehand draw, and add text boxes for notes. You can also create bespoke forms. I also use it to add notes to PDF’s from courses I am taking: the current one is a copywriting course. It means I can have my notes in the same place as the information I am learning about. Extremely useful!  

Margaret says:

I bought this and I’m making all my digital workbooks and journals interactive. It’s so easy but I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. Your course is awesome. Love it!!! Thank you.


Printables on Steroids

I Want To Share A Secret With You...

When you build anything online, your goal is to have people interact and put to USE what they've purchased or gotten for free from you. If they don't put what you've made to use, well, then they will just forget you and your stuff will collect virtual dust somewhere in a folder on a computer. 

Who wants that?

You shouldn't because the more you can get your customers and subscribers to interact and engage with you, the more they will remember you, and then the more they will buy from you again. 

So how can you effectively do this? 

This is exactly what I am going to share with you in Printables on Steroids. You will want to pick this up NOW not to miss the goods that I share. Every marketer should own this! 

Stop creating boring and long PDFs that just collect virtual dust and start making an impact with your customers and subscribers so you will be more memorable which will open the faucet for sales to constantly stream in your business! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to purchase anything after this? 

A: No I show you how to do this with 2 free tools inside the product

Q: Do I need Adobe Acrobat

A: Nope this has nothing to do with Adobe Acrobat

Q: Does this work with PCs and Macs?

A: Yes it works with Both PCs and Macs.

Q: Does this work with Workbooks?

A: YES! this works perfectly with physical workbooks because you can send your customers the digital workbook so they can work through any material you have ONLINE as well as offline with your workbook.

Q: Can this increase the value of the printables I sell on Etsy?

A: Absolutely YESSSS!! That's one of the reasons why I made this product for you. Not only will your customers be able to print your printables, but you can also direct them to a place where they can use your printables online too if they didn't feel like printing them out! There's definitely a market for this!

Take Action Now For Your Success!  

Printables on Steroids

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