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Your Passive Income Plan For 2019 - How To Create More Ways To Make Money While You Are Not Working and Living A Great Life!

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Only $27

Here's What's Included In Jumpstart 2019

  • Part I: 3 Proven Strategies That Worked in 2018 So You Can Easily Develop A Plan That Will Work For You In 2019 


  • —3 solid strategies that have really REALLY worked - I will share what works and more importantly HOW to implement it to ENSURE your success so you can replicate the process. 
  • What is showing promising and patterns of success for a long time 
  • Part II - What Didn't Work and Mistakes To Avoid from 2018 (Avoid Falling Flat On Your Face)


  • —Avoid doing these things - it will save you time and heartache 
  • How to ensure a project will succeed and never waste precious time. (and signs to look for to perhaps change direction) 
  • What to ask yourself and the checklist before you start any new project (even before you start to write a book or create a product) This will save massive time and heartache, I Promise!!
  • What to do first when starting a project - you will probably be shocked!
  • Part III - Debbie's 2019 Focus Based On Proven Tactics That Just Plain Work


  • —Get the fast pass on 'sure things' to focus on so you can also succeed in your business without wasting time
  • What to create to save you SO MUCH TIME and AVOID burnout 
  • Wanna know where to invest your money when it comes to your business - this is where we'll talk about it!

Hot Bonus #1

(Value $47)

10X The Value Of Your Content 

—Do you want to 10x the value of your pdfs and content you create? After paying thousands, I discovered an easy way you can do this you folks reading your PDFs can actually get MORE out of it and in the process THANK YOU and remember you for it.  

Everyone and anyone can make a pdf. And everyone does. But how can you stand out from the crowd and make your material memorable? Well you don't want to miss this training! The value of this alone is $47!

So when you purchase, you will find that bonus waiting for you and you will automatically get access to the live workshop ! 

Hot Bonus #2

Jumpstart 2017 - Amazing Insight Still Works!

—I did a similar product Jumpstart 2017 (in 2016) and I was listening to it and it is REALLY GOOD! None of the stuff I talk about is old and it is all still useful going into 2019. I feel really great about that! 

So, when you purchase Jumpstart 2019 you will automatically be given access to Jumpstart 2017! Which also has a value of MORE THAN $47!

So when you purchase, you will also find this bonus waiting for you.  

This is a purely content based workshop! No upsells or pitches! 

Don't worry, if you can't make it live, then you will get access to the replay! 

Live With Debbie - Passive Income Buddy Live

P.S. Don’t miss this, it’s a no-brainer! This is a very special price just for you! Take advantage before this deal goes away for GOOD and the price goes up!  

P.P.S Having first hand access to what is working and what is not working will save you a ton of time and agony as well as give you the upper hand on starting the new year off on the right foot! This is a NO BRAINER!  

Take Action Now For Your Success!  


Q: What will I get when I purchase? 

A: You are purchasing a live training that you will also get the replay to if you can't make the live training. This will be NON PITCH - so it's pure content. The contents of what will be discussed are above. 

* When you purchase, you will immediately get access to the bonus which is described above.

Also, be sure to watch the video above, it explains everything in about 4 minutes! 

Q: Will I be able to ask questions on the training?

A: Yes, I love the live training, no pitch environment. It's a great experience for everyone involved! 

Q: When will I get the bonuses?

A: The bonuses are waiting for your right when you purchase! Be sure to check out Jumpstart 2017 right away because it's REALLY GOOD STUFF!!

Live With Debbie - Passive Income Buddy Live

To Your Success,

Debbie Drum