5 Stupidly Simple Ways To Make Passive Income While You Are Having Fun, Hanging With Your Loved Ones, and Growing Your Businss 

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Dear Online Marketer, 

It might seem unfair - but I make passive income while I am playing Pickleball, while I am hanging out with my dogs and even when I'm having drinks with friends! 

To my friends and family, it looks like I do no work. But the truth is I figured out a way to make money come in passively in my business. 

I build systems and I do things smart and it all just...works! 

This didn't happen overnight. I tried so many methods to make money from home - some were great and some were flops. What's AMAZING is that I found a way you can make money no matter what - even if you completely fail at something like I did (like everyone does). 

Do you want to know more and how to do this? Well...I am going to tell you!

Passive Income Buddy James Jones Bash 2019

I Want To Show You How to Make Passive Income With Simple Methods  

You Can Do This Too With My Help.

Introducing Passive Income Buddy

Your Buddy (me) Shows 5 Different Ways To Create Passive Income in Your Business

The great part about these 5 killer strategies, is they are all related and can be used together to grow your business and your passive income. 

Here's What You Get With The Holiday Special, Passive Income Buddy

  • 5 Separate Short Trainings Where You Quickly See The Strategy and Can Immediately Take Action
  • Guided Worksheets To Quickly Implement Your Pathway to Success

Here's What's Covered: 


  • 1 - How to make passive income even if you know nothing about a topic (I've made thousands this way)
  • 2 - How to make passive income with product reviews (I'll show you the framework in what you need to include and it's not a lot!)
  • 3 - How to make passive income with your own creations (and how to make passive income that lasts a long time)
  • 4 - How to make passive income from friends (not your bff, I mean the right connections in your niche)
  • 5 - How to make passive income with content that takes you either no time or very little time to create (yes you can have something that takes you "no time" and I'll show you how) 

I Want To Add These 3 Hot Bonuses For Additional Passive Income 

People buy my products sometimes just for the awesome bonuses I give away!

BONUS 1 - The Best Passive Income Stream - Membership Sites 

There's no better way to make passive income than a membership site. This is THE BEST FREE membership training out there and you get it here! 

We Will Discuss:

The Free Membership Site

The Monthly Membership Site  

The Micro-Continuity Site  

The Vault Style Membership Site  

  Those are really popular membership site models, but they're not the only ones. To learn about even more models and to get a good overview of how you too can set up your own profitable membership site - you don't want to miss this bonus!

BONUS 2 - How To Make Money From Trying To Make Money

You Will Discover:

Sounds pretty crazy right?

We've all been there before. We've tried something and perhaps it didn't work. Perhaps it worked, but could have worked better. 

Well, I am going to show you how you can create profits no matter if you succeed or if you fail. It doesn't matter!  

BONUS 3 - New Software To Find HIDDEN INTERESTS!!

You Will Discover:

- Hidden Interests (and audiences) that Facebook doesn't show you (these are goldmines where you can find the right people for your offers

– Uncovers interests other tools can't find (most powerful search engine you've ever seen)

- Gives you ideas on how you can market and reach your target audience better than ever before! 

- Understand your audience a lot better! 

Get Instant Access To Passive Income Buddy - Holiday Special! And Remember: This Is 100% RISK-FREE! 

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Passive Income Buddy James Jones Bash 2019

Get Instant Access To Passive Income Buddy - Holiday Special! And Remember: This Is 100% RISK-FREE! 

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

I will give you 7 full days to check out my passive income goodies I have available immediately inside. If you are not absolutely satisfied, then just ask for your money back, no questions asked! 

Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally succeed with making more money, gaining more fans and having more passive income. 

But if for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and your fee will be fully refunded.  

You can cancel during this time, and for ANY reason.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it work if I’m new?  

A: The works for both new and experienced marketers. In fact, if you are new, you have an advantage to get right to stuff that works without wasting your time?  

 Q: Do you think it will work for my business?  

A: If you apply what Debbie talks about then YES - it will work for any business where there are buyers. The great part about this is it works EVEN IF YOU MESS UP! Yes, that’s right. Debbie shows you have to capitalize on everything, and even your mistakes.  

 Q: What will I get out of this product?  

A: You are going to finally understand how these 5 passive income streams work together to create various reliable streams of income - you will also get 2 bonus ways to earn passive income! 

 Q: How is the content delivered? 

A: In short, straight to the point videos with 2 interactive worksheets for you to use over and over again. This is really unique and no one is delivering content like that. I am sure you will love it!



Passive Income Buddy James Jones Bash 2019

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Debbie Drum

Passive Income Buddy James Jones Bash 2019