Coloring Book Replay Joan Stewart

Create An Entire Book That Sells In Less Than 30 Minutes! 

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Different Ways To Make Money & Gain Exposure With Coloring Books  

  • Create a unique coloring book to sell - example - teacher swear words example. Pro Tip: You can use public domain images that are free so the book won't cost you very much to create!  
  • Create coloring books for local businesses - charge them for the service and the printing of the books - Extra bonus Tip - create ads inside the book and charge for the creation of the ad and the ad itself
  • Create coloring books for major events (weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc). Don't be afraid to charge a pretty penny for this service.
  • Want to make extra cash? Put a gig on sites like fiverr and upwork and charge to convert images for others. Pro Tip: Don't tell potential clients how easy it is for you to create these images! They don't have to know your secret! 
  • Best For Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Consultants - Create workbook, guides, hybrid books, cheatsheets, handouts, checklists and incorporate line art in them. You will see exactly how to do this in our bonus Speedboat Print Publishing! 

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