BookConnect Training  

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Follow this order in setting up your BookConnect Account

Step 1: Add an Author

Step 2: Add a Book

Change / Add Book Files

Step 3: Add a Download Page

(More Training Coming Soon)

BookConnect allows you the author to deliver your book in any format the readers wants to read it in.  

It’s just 4 steps:  

It's Just 4 Steps

Step 1: Set up your author name

Decide what name should be listed for your book  

Step 2: Create your book listing 

This is where you put your title, author name, and information about your book  

Step 3: Provide the files 

The more files you create the better experience it will be for your reviewers. Providing a pdf, mobi and epub file will be your best option (and we will show you how to do that inside).  

Step 4: Send the easy link  

BookConnect creates a simple link to share with your reviewers.  

It’s as simple as that. Now you have a way to easily send files wihtout having to deal with attachments and finding links - it’s just one link all the time to share your book!  

BookConnect also does something special. Depending on what plan you get, when someone is sent your book, we gently remind them after 10 days to review your book. This reminder will go out automatically and you won’t have to remember to follow up with people...Leave that busy work to us!  

Go ahead and create your BookConnect Account today! It will save you tons of time and it will give your readers the least path of resistance to leave you a review!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Needs BookConnect?  

All authors need BookConnect. BookConnect is an easy way to deliver your books to potential reviewers.  

Is there training?  

Yes there is full training and it is very easy to follow  

Is this for Macs or PCs?  

Yes - since this is a web-based tool, you can use on both a PC and a Mac  

I don’t get what BookConnect does?  

BookConnect is a way to deliver your book for free to reviewers. All you need to do is set it up in 4 easy steps and you get a special link that you send to people instead of having to send them pdf files of your books.  

It’s safe and secure, fast and reliable!  

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel anytime.