Get Your Next 25 Book Reviews Fast & Easy

What We Will Cover: 

  • The easiest to the most in depth methods of getting more book reviews 
  • Free and paid tools to get the job done quick and easy
  • Templates that work to get book reviewers to review your work
  • Finding the best people to review your books
  • Following up with people who say they will review your book but didn't yet
  • Linking structure and how to share your books with potential reviewers

Value: $97 


For 3 entire days, I have been hanging out with the leaders in the self publishing space in Denver at Author U - like Daniel Hall, Amy Collins, Joan Stewart, John Kramer, and Judith Briles.

I am going to be sharing some highlighted nuggets from the event. I can't share it all but these highlights will give you some ideas and perhaps spark your interest to come next year to the event!  

These folks know what's working RIGHT NOW in publishing and marketing your books. 

For Instance:

  • What's the magic number of reviews you need to get Amazon to notice you (secret insights from Amazon themselves!)
  • What keywords to put in your book to get more visibility (where to find them - and no, it's not the google keyword tool!)
  • How to make money before you even publish your book (this one is HUGE!!)
  • The magic word you should be putting on EVERYTHING to instantly make more money
  • How to get your books written to you for FREE?!?!
  • and much more! 

Value: $1,997

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You're protected by the 30 day money back guarantee so there's no risk on your part!  

Debbie Drum

P.S. You can't ignore the fact you need reviews - reviews sell books! Plain and simple. This is something you need.  

P.P.S This is the same process to get testimonials and all kinds of social proof to sell your products, services and of course, books.  

P.P.P.S There are no upsells - this is the only offer!